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    The word martyr comes from a Greek word meaning, "witness". In later centuries it referred to someone who voluntarily suffered physical death for their beliefs. Martyrologies were listings of the names, and later of the histories of those who suffered physical death because they refused to renounce their belief in Christ. Over time it has also included feasts of Our Lord, feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary, feasts and commemorations of those who lived holy lives of heroic virtue, and other significant ecclesiastical memorials.

    We have written and organized this martyrology to be easily accessed by name, by patronage and by date. For those readers who regularly use this martyrology, we have provided convenient push-button access to the listings for today, yesterday and tomorrow according to US Mountain Time Zone (GMT-07:00). Also, our martyrology chiefly follows the US calendar. The dates for some listings may differ in various countries.

    We appreciate your feedback.


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